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Rotenso Elis Silver X

The Elis Silver X air conditioner is an excellent choice for those looking for a modern form for a fashionable loft, industrial or glamorous interior. Minimalist, timeless design, silver casing and elegant front panel emphasize the prestigious character of the device, which harmonizes perfectly with contemporary interiors. The air conditioner has a compact, cuboid-like casing.


4D airflow system

HD and AIR electrostatic filter

3in1 filter (Catechin + Silver Ion + vitamin C)

3in1 filter (Photocatalytic + Activated carbon + Cold Nano)

iAIR automatic purification

gold-plated, anti-corrosion lamellas

Smart Follow mode

eMOTO super silent mode

sleep function

eMOTO turbo mode


heating at low outdoor temperature -20°C

width only 78 cm

smart Wi-Fi

Compatible with the 1:1 SINGLE system.

Available models: 2.6 KW / 3.4 KW / 5.1 KW / 6.8KW

Rotenso Elis Silver X

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