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Rotenso Luve X

Rotenso Luve, in addition to excellent operating parameters, is distinguished by high aesthetics and quality of workmanship. Luve attracts attention with its original geometry focused on ovals, which will delight lovers of simple form and modernism.

The comfortable experience of Luve air conditioning consists of a 180° louver and Windless technology, thanks to which cooled or heated air, depending on the operating mode, is released in a maximally dispersed stream flowing through 1,330 micro-perforations. Additionally, the 180° blind allows the user to control the air flow at a very wide angle, thus achieving thermal comfort.

cooling A+++

air flow through a 180° louver

luxury design

heating at -22°C


built-in dusk sensor

HD iAIR electrostatic filter

3in1 filter (Catechin + Silver Ion + vitamin C)

3in1 filter (Photocatalyst + Activated carbon + Cold Nano)

high gloss casing

Super Quiet eMOTO mode – 18 dB / Turbo eMOTO

remote control with Smart Follow temperature sensor

WiFi module included

gold-plated lamellas

automatic 4D blinds

Windless blinds – a gentle breeze.

Compatible with the 1:1 SINGLE system.

Available models: 3.5 KW

Rotenso Luve X

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