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Rotenso Revio

The flagship Generation X REVIO air conditioner is Rotenso's answer to the needs of the new reality. Revio is a premium model in the range of Rotenso wall air conditioners in the highest cooling energy efficiency class A+++ with high coefficients: SEER: 8.6 and SCOP: 4.6.
This model is designed for year-round operation, also in extreme weather conditions. It works effectively in heating mode even at low external temperatures down to -25°C.

The air conditioner has an electrostatic filter and two additional filters: HEPA and Cold Nano, and a built-in Super Ionizer that effectively eliminates microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and toxic substances. The SMART Eye Away function is an intelligent sensor called "eye", which, by detecting people's activity, allows you to adjust the air flow angle to avoid direct air flow to people staying in the room.

Revio also means unprecedented simplicity in assembling the internal unit, which has only one screw and 4 latches, so dismantling the unit should not take more than a minute. Another advantage is easy access to the air conditioner filters, which the user can clean themselves, quickly and easily by releasing the magnets of the air conditioner's upper cover and removing them from the top and re-inserting the cleaned filters.

The design of the air conditioner allows the device to be installed only 5 cm from the ceiling, which is important in low rooms when space is limited.

class A+++

SMART Eye Away function

Super iAIR Ionizer

filters: HEPA, Cold Nano, electrostatic HD

smart WiFi

automatic 4D blinds

humidity sensor

modular technology (faster air conditioner service)

sleep function

SMART Eco Eye function

standby mode 1W

SMART Follow mode

eMOTO turbo mode

heating at low outside temperature -25°C

Compatible with 1:1 SINGLE, 1:X MULTI systems.

Available models: 2.7 KW / 3.5 KW / 5.3 KW / 7.0 KW

Rotenso Revio

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