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Rotenso Versu Cloth Caramel X

With Versu Cloth Caramel you will create an arrangement in which all the elements and decorations will be a stylistically coherent whole. Replaceable textile panels , perfectly adhering to the front of the air conditioner, offer unrestrained play with color and a sensual experience of pleasant-to-touch texture.

Versu Cloth Caramel is an all-season device with the highest cooling energy efficiency class A+++, and also quiet operation - the noise of the unit at the lowest speed is only 19 dB, extremely delicate, cascading air flow - directly up/down, which is provided by a 180° rotatable horizontal blind. .

caramel and gold housing

replaceable front panel

unique styling

SEER 8.5 (A+++) / SCOP 4.6 (A++)

180° cascading air flow thanks to a rotating louver

volume only 19 dB

remote control with temperature sensor. Smart Follow

built-in humidity measurement sensor

built-in iAIR air ionizer


intelligent dusk sensor

anti-corrosion gold-plated lamellas

automatic 4D blinds

built-in WiFi module

(the WiFi module function is an additional feature of the product, the application is provided by an external entity - developer)

built-in year-round package (drip tray heater and crankcase heater)

heating at outdoor temperature -22°C

Compatible with 1:1 SINGLE, 1:X MULTI systems

Available models: 2.6 KW / 3.5 KW / 5.3 KW

Rotenso Versu Cloth Caramel X

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