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Rotenso Versu Mirror R15

The Versu Mirror wall air conditioner is a new version of the iconic premium model among Rotenso air conditioners. The aesthetics of Versu Mirror is created by a dark graphite, slightly opalescent housing and an interesting shape. An eye-catching finish is a dark mirror on the front of the air conditioner.

A gentle 180° cascading air flow, achieved thanks to the horizontal louver rotating around its own axis, quiet operation of only 19 dB, and an advanced air purification system are the advantages of this extremely efficient, year-round device with the highest cooling energy efficiency class A+++.

dark graphite opalescent housing

unique styling

SEER 8.5 (A+++) / SCOP 4.6 (A++)

(applies to 2.6 kW and 3.5 kW models)

180° cascading air flow thanks to a rotating louver

volume only 19 dB

remote control with temperature sensor. Smart Follow

built-in humidity measurement sensor

built-in iAIR air ionizer


anti-corrosion gold-plated lamellas

4D blinds control

built-in WiFi module

(the WiFi module function is an additional feature of the product, the application is provided by an external entity - developer) built-in year-round package (drip tray heater and crankcase heater) heating at low external temperature. -22°C

Compatible with 1:1 SINGLE, 1:X MULTI systems

Available models: 2.6 KW / 3.5 KW / 5.3 KW

Rotenso Versu Mirror R15

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