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Do you need a professional air conditioning service in Krakow? We are here to help you! Our company offers comprehensive maintenance services for all types of air conditioning, including Rotenso, Gree, Daikin, TCL and many others. Thanks to our experienced technicians, you can perform warranty inspection and general service, you can be sure that your air conditioning system will be repaired quickly and efficiently, restoring comfortable conditions in your home or office.

Air conditioning installation

Are you planning to install air conditioning in Krakow? Look no further! Our company specializes in professional installation of air conditioning in various types of rooms. We offer a wide selection of devices from renowned manufacturers such as Rotenso, Gree, Daikin, TCL and many others. Regardless of the type of room or technical specification, our team will provide you with quick and effective installation, guaranteeing optimal performance of your air conditioning system. Standard "PD" installation includes:

  • Installing the indoor unit (up to 3m high)

  • Installing an outdoor unit (up to 3m high)

  • Connection of units with freon installation (up to 3 m long)

  • Making a hole in the wall

  • Connecting the units to the electrical installation (up to 3 m long)

  • Gravity condensate drainage (up to 5 m long)

  • Leak test

  • Creating a vacuum in the system

  • Starting the unit

  • Customer training on how to use the air conditioner

Professional service
Heat pumps

Our professional installers have the necessary experience and skills to provide you with comprehensive service during the installation and servicing of air conditioning devices and heat pumps. Thanks to their knowledge and precision, you can be sure that the work will be carried out with the utmost care, meeting the highest quality and safety standards. Contact us today to use the services of our professional installers and enjoy the comfort of your home or office

Are you interested in effective and economical heating for your home or office? Consider installing a heat pump! Our company offers comprehensive services related to the design, installation and service of heat pumps in Krakow and the surrounding area. Thanks to our experienced specialists and cooperation with leading manufacturers such as Rotenso, Gree, Daikin, TCL and others, we can provide you with an effective and ecological heating system that will meet your expectations.

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