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Rotenso ElisX

Elis is an excellent choice for those looking for a modern form for a fashionable loft, industrial or glamorous interior. Minimalist, timeless design, graphite casing and a front panel imitating a sheet of dark glass emphasize the prestigious character of the device, which also harmonizes perfectly with the dark colors of the walls. The air conditioner has a compact, cuboid-like casing.


automatic 4D blinds

HD iAIR electrostatic filter

3in1 filter (Catechin + Silver Ion + vitamin C) iAIR

3in1 filter (Photocatalyst + Activated Carbon + Cold Nano) iAIR

iAIR automatic purification

iClean automatic cleaning

gold-plated, anti-corrosion lamellas

Smart Follow mode

eMOTO super silent mode

sleep function

eMOTO turbo mode


heating at low outdoor temperature -20°C

width from 70 cm

smart Wi-Fi

Compatible with the 1:1 SINGLE system.

Available models: 2.6 KW / 3.4 KW / 5.1 KW / 6.8KW

Rotenso ElisX

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