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Rotenso Fresh X

Thanks to the innovative FRESH technology, the air conditioner ensures exchange and optimal quality of indoor air, both in terms of temperature and humidity. The air conditioner is a perfect solution for rooms in buildings without mechanical ventilation, which may lack fresh air after thermal modernization. The quality of the supplied air is additionally ensured by three built-in LED UV lamps and an EPA E12 air filter.

cooling A+++

fresh air supply via an additional fan (operating in 3 speeds)

air flow through a 180° louver

effective heating at outdoor temperature -22°C

EPA E12 fresh air filter

HD iAIR electrostatic filter

matte structural panel

Super Quiet eMOTO mode – 18 dB

Turbo eMOTO mode


remote control with Smart Follow temperature sensor

3 x UV lamp

WiFi module included

gold-plated lamellas

automatic 4D blinds

Windless mode – gentle airflow.

Available models: 3.6 KW

Rotenso Fresh X

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