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Rotenso Ukura H

An air conditioner with a compact design with modern rounding of the front panel, enriched with delicate, silver finishes. Rotenso® Ukura (generation X) is an economical unit with a high energy efficiency class of A++. The air conditioner distributes air efficiently thanks to the 4D automatic air supply system. It allows you to control the operation of vertical and horizontal blinds using a remote control. The use of additional filters: HEPA and Cold Nano, as well as an electrostatic filter and an air ionizer, effectively eliminate pollutants and provide fresh air in the room.


4D automatic airflow system (new in the X series)

HEPA antibacterial filter (new in the X series)

Cold Nano iAIR filter

HD iAIR electrostatic filter

Super Ionizer (new in the X series)

iAIR automatic purification

eMOTO super silent mode

Smart Follow mode

eMOTO turbo mode

standby mode 1W


anti-corrosion gold-plated lamellas

heating at low outside temperature down to -20°C

smart WiFi

Available models: 2.6 KW / 3.5 KW / 5.3 KW / 7.0 KW

Rotenso Ukura H

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